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15 March 2012 @ 12:00 am
Dirk Gently: Episode 2  
So is this going to be a trend now? I'm going to say a show's not all that angsty and then immediately it's going to get angsty? Do I have the powers now?

To be fair, this episode wasn't dripping with angst. But it certainly featured more angst-ish moments than I'd have ever expected from a show like this. And yeah, they didn't last long but...fine, so maybe I don't have the powers...

Gently is hired by his former professor (Bill Paterson) at Cambridge to act as a security consultant. Dr. Jericho has created one of the most advantage android in existence and wants to keep "her" safe. We learned in the pilot episode that Gently had been expelled from Cambridge for cheating (not really, there was this thing...). As Gently was in Jericho's department and mentored by him, he's eager to prove himself to the professor. Things don't get off to such a great start as soon after Gently and Macduff's arrival, the robot is stolen and Jericho is murdered soon after. Thanks to being at the wrong place at just the right time, Gently and Macduff are the prime suspects and spend a good deal of the episode hiding out in various areas of Cambridge. There's also another professor, Dr. Ransom, in the department who is working on creating her own artificial intelligence and whose had a thorny relationship with Jericho. And there's also a Chinese research assistant who might be sending threatening emails. Oh, and Gently meets a girl. Since this is Dirk Gently, you know all these things are somehow interconnected.

When they first disclosed that Jericho had lost a daughter to an accident years ago, I immediately thought the android Jericho had created was a smokescreen project to mask the real project he had going which was creating a much more life-like android who would be a replica of his daughter. And then I obviously thought the girl Gently was getting to know was this new android. I was marginally right.

The girl is actually Jericho's daughter who had not died but been in a coma for years. Jericho had been secretly keeping her alive in his house in the vain hopes that one day she would wake up, despite being declared brain dead. The consciousness inside of this now young woman, however, is Ransom's AI who came to life and decided being human and mortal was so much better than being trapped in a machine and immortal.

I won't go into the details of how the AI (named Max) got into Jericho's daughter. Suffice it to say that her description to Gently about all the new experiences she'd accrued in the past few days (one of them meeting Gently and taking a shine to him) was a lovely bit of bittersweet longing. I found her relationship with Gently ridiculously sweet, though it got ever so slightly tainted by the fact that Max was the one responsible for Jericho's demise. Her pleas of wanting to stay human and really live was also wonderfully understated but no less emotionally impacting. 

We did get to see the softer and nobler side of Gently in this episode which was nice as well as unexpected. I rather felt like Susan in that it would be nice to see more of it, bizarre feeling as it was. Perhaps next week.

Astoundingly fond of avocados and rainy weather.: SPN_Gamechangerguardian_chaos on March 15th, 2012 04:42 am (UTC)
So is this going to be a trend now? I'm going to say a show's not all that angsty and then immediately it's going to get angsty? Do I have the powers now?

Yes, 'Scrib. You have The Angst Power. Use it wisely! In the wrong hands, that could go terribly awry.

My biggest memory involving the Dirk Gently stories involved a head and a record player. Difficult to forget that sort of imagery, if you know what I'm talking about. Or perhaps I'm mixing up Douglas Adams stories right now, which is entirely possible.