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09 March 2012 @ 10:12 pm
Grimm: Plumed Serpent  
Well, this shit just got real.

Nick's ability to keep his private and Grimm life separate had to hit the skids at some point. Finally after a pretty good run, Nick's girlfriend, Juliette, is kidnapped by a Wesen. The show had already been putting a few dents in their relationship with Juliette finding the engagement ring Nick had bought for her...but then never gave her. And that was coupled with the whole missing out on their anniversary dinner. Granted, Nick had a terrific excuse (Wesen fight club, anyone?). So tonight ended with Nick finally having to seriously consider the advice his aunt gave him before dying that he had to leave Juliette now that he was a Grimm.

Despite only seeing Juliette tangentially for most of the past episodes, I'd grown to rather like her relationship with Nick. She was a good mix of supportive and badass in her own right. I liked that they seemed like an actual couple who did everyday, couple-y things that was a nice contrast to Nick's mythological-laden other life. And it obviously helps that the two actors have good chemistry. Even their scene tonight when they were discussing how possible it was that their relationship might have to end was handled pretty well with both Nick and Juliette being very honest. I really do like this pairing so it's somewhat sad to think that the relationship is slowly but surely breaking down, leaving Nick with only two choices: leave her or tell her the truth.

I'm guessing the show's going to go the latter given that Juliette got the pleasure of meeting Monroe in tonight's episode. I haven't really enjoyed what the writers have been doing to Monroe's character of late (when did he go from somewhat grudgingly helping Nick to now practically begging?) but their meeting really felt like a moment. Like the exact perfect representation of Nick's two lives tentatively waving to each other. It was a pretty brilliant and I'm hoping for more interaction between the two.