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20 January 2012 @ 12:20 am
Being Human Series 4 Promo + Being Human US Series  
Watch it HERE.

So it looks like George and Nina had a daughter! Only judging by George's tears and the fact that it's been confirmed Nina won't be in series 4 at all, it looks like Nina is either deceased or left for some reason. Maybe she was taken by whoever Alex Jennings is playing?

I'm still really curious what sort of vampire Hal will be. In the promo for his character, he seems to be dealing with similar issues as Mitchell. Although, it isn't clear if he's trying to renounce blood or trying to not be a soulless monster. I'm intrigued by the idea that Hal might be entertaining the idea that one can still drink blood (from donations, animal or bagged) but remain a "good" person as it were. A lot of the bleakness and sense of inevitability that Mitchell faced in his quest to be human was him trying to get off blood completely. To him, that was the only way to "be human." But eventually the hunger overcame him like a tidal wave. So it'll be an interesting take if Hal pursues a path where one might be able to do and be both.

Seeing articles for the upcoming UK version of Being Human had me revisit the US remake of this series. I'd given it a look back when they first started airing the first season and felt that it was a pointless remake since they seemed to be doing the exact same story lines with lesser actors. Now that the entire first season is available to watch, I did a marathon viewing of it and had some thoughts on it. I still think the US versions of George and Annie leave much to be desired but the show did branch itself off a little in terms of plot here or there. I'm not going to do a complete review of the entire season but I was kind of surprised and interested in what they ended up doing with the UK's episode entitled "Another Fine Mess" which featured Mitchell making friends with a young boy whose single mother makes an error in regards to Mitchell's intentions.

In the original UK version, Mitchell makes friends with a young boy named Bernie who has just moved into the neighborhood with his single mum. All seems to go well until Bernie accidentally takes a DVD of Mitchell's which has a sex video on it. When his mother finds this out, she launches an all out crucifixion on Mitchell, branding him a pedophile. During the escalating chaos of the entire neighborhood turning on Mitchell, Bernie is struck by a car and left at death's door. In the last few shots, we find out that Mitchell turned Bernie in order to save him. As Bernie and his mother leave town, he creepily tells her he's "hungry." All of this occurred in the course of one episode and was the driving force for Mitchell moving back toward the vampire clan as his latest contact with humanity was less than ideal.

Interestingly, the US version of this story line made some key changes. For one, they actually follow Bernie's story all the way until his end over the course of a couple of episodes. We see him in all his childish vampire glory, killing the bullies who once tormented him and demanding to be fed. The show also had Rebecca (the US Lauren) be the one to turn Bernie, much to Aidan's horror. And this is actually the key difference here. Aidan briefly entertained the idea of turning Bernie to save him but knew in his heart how bad the idea was and rejected it all together...only to have to deal with the consequences anyway once Rebecca did it. The whole story arc ends with Aidan making the ethical self-sacrifice by staking Bernie in the woods. I don't know if any of this is calculated, but the changes made Aidan a much more "responsible" vampire if you would than Mitchell. A lot of Mitchell's faults had to do with his near impenetrable use of denial. He'd sort of do impulsive things without thinking anything through and often make vague excuses to duck out of taking responsibility once things went pear-shaped. While Aidan, despite being reluctant, would often try and do the right thing (mostly). If I had to pick one character of the three in the US version who got a pretty good re-imaging, it'd probably be Aidan (his Twilight-inspired look aside).

I also wanted to add that the US version did a complete overhaul of Bernie's mom. In the UK version, I sort of hated her. Everything we saw of her showed her to be such an irresponsible mother. For one thing, she actually allowed Bernie to go off with Mitchell despite noticing that the man DOESN'T HAVE A REFLECTION and after meeting him for five minutes. She also seemed to be something of an alcoholic who couldn't really provide much for her son in terms of stability. Which is why I took her vendetta against Mitchell as being less about an outraged mother and more about someone trying to overcompensate for the fact that she was stupid enough to let her son go off with someone she came to believe was a pedophile. In the US version, Bernie's mom is your average mother with some actual common sense. Bernie just goes over to Aidan's without permission which sends her into a fit of anger and later she's rather reticent about allowing her son to spend so much time with basically a complete stranger. All relatively good parenting skills, particularly in comparison to the UK version.