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03 December 2011 @ 10:52 pm
Death in Paradise: Episode Six  
Richard Poole is down for the count in this episode thanks to tropical fever. Actor Ben Miller gets a mini-vacation.

This was a somewhat odd episode with both of the show's stars more or less gone for the entirety of the case. But it did give Duane and Fidel a chance to shine.

The body of Benjamin Lightfoot is dragged out of the sea. It initially looks like a scuba diving accident but soon there are too many oddities not to suspect murder. While Ben was a charmer with wit and charisma, he was also a man of shady secrets. Hence, the list of suspects is not small.

NOT on the case (at least not officially) is DI Poole is who found by Duane at his house when he fails to show up for work. Struck down by tropical fever, Poole is too delirious to pull two clues together. With Camille away in Paris for a training course, Honore station is without a chief officer. But thankfully Scottish Detective Sergeant Angela Young (Shirley Henderson) is on St. Marie for a vacation and generously volunteers to step in for interim. And proceeds to make Duane and Fidel's lives hell. Abrasive, short-tempered, rude, and derisive, DS Young is DI Poole times thirty minus his razor-sharp intelligence. It feels like playing caustic characters is becoming something of a specialty for Shirley Henderson in all her manic pent up rage, the source of which we never really find out.

While the new not so dream team stumble through the investigation, Poole is left to the tender mercies of Camille's mother, Catherine, who tries to force feed him chicken soup at every turn. I like to think Ben Miller had a nice time having a bit of a lie-in for this episode, spending the bulk of it in pajamas and acting sort of loopy (but only sort of. We are talking about Poole). There was this odd exchange where it looked like Catherine was pushing Poole to admit his true feelings for Camille, despite him never having shown even an iota of romantic interest in her. The whole thing was bizarre and only saved by Poole taking Catherine's encouragement to just say what's on his mind to go on a rant about how horrid her soup was. Even ill Poole won't stop the criticizing. Or solving the case for that matter as that's exactly what he does before Young nearly arrests the wrong person.

All in all, the episode felt a bit off balance with the main characters out of commission. But the mystery was once again solid and for the 2nd time in a row I managed to beat Poole to the punch!