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13 November 2011 @ 03:15 pm
Death in Paradise: Episode Three  
No show set in the Caribbean is complete without an episode dealing with voodoo.

A voodoo priestess by the name of Angelique predicts in front of a crowd that she will be murdered by a scarred man who killed before. The next day, her body is found in local school's science classroom, apparently poisoned. The science teacher is also the headmaster, one Nicholas Dunham, local heavyweight who sports a scar on his left cheek. Matters are complicated by the fact that Dunham was also once married to Angelique's daughter, Delilah, who one day vanished without a trace. Local gossip was that Angelique always believed Dunham had murdered her daughter but could never prove it. As before, Poole and Camille are on the case.

To say Poole is skeptical about voodoo predictions is putting it mildly. Despite one of St. Honore's own witnessing Angelique's prediction about her own murder, Poole refuses to compromise his science and reasoning as he moves through the case. As a mystery story, I thought this episode was once again very logical that bordered on somewhat bland in regards to the solution. But at the last minute, the episode threw in a final twist that elevated this story from enjoyable to OMGWTF CREEPY! Well done, writers!

On the Is Poole Settling In At All? Front. The man still wears long sleeved pajamas to sleep in 80 degree night weather and is desperate for a meal that doesn't feature mangoes or sweet potatoes. In short, still very English.