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02 November 2011 @ 09:31 pm
Death in Paradise: Episode Two  
Richard Poole remains stuck on Saint Marie amidst the heat, sand and murder.

A bride is found dead with a harpoon through her chest just hours after her wedding. Poole and his new local partner, Camille (Sara Martins) are sent to investigate. Seeing as how the poor dead woman was rolling in money and surrounded by various family members and friends in desperate need of some, the list of suspects is rather long. Will Poole and Camille be able to work together? Will the murderer be caught? And possibly of paramount importance: will Poole ever find a decent cup of tea on St. Marie?

Despite their nearly polar ways of living life, Poole and Camille work rather rather well together as each one complements the other's investigative strengths. It probably also helped that any sense of superiority Poole had over Camille quickly got addressed and shot down by her in the first ten minutes of the episode. (Oh, Ben Miller's face!) The mystery and solution were once again rather good. It had a classic Agatha Christie-like feel to it with a reveal that was both surprising but so obviously logical.

I see that the show is now starting up the potential love match between Poole and Camille. The set up is feels like the oft used Uptight Guy Learns to Live a Little Through Freespirited Girl. I won't lie that this type of pairing often makes me want to poke a fork in my eye so I'm really hoping the show does a better job or nixes the idea all together. Seeing as how Poole's one attempt to take Camille's advice and "enjoy" the Caribbean a little ended poorly, it's probably going to be a long haul.