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01 October 2011 @ 02:25 pm
Supernatural: Hello, Cruel World  
I can't do a big review for it so I'll just keep it brief.

Bobby BETTER still be alive. I'm with Dean. If he's gone too then the Winchesters might as well just go off a cliff. Seriously, show. I cannot handle you obliterating both Castiel and Bobby in one episode. I just can't.

And yeah, I might have choked up a little when Castiel's trench coat washed up on the shore. It strikes me as interesting that last episode Dean seemed sort of okay or at least numbed to the idea of Castiel being dead (both pre and post souls being returned). But he seemed considerably more upset at the idea of Castiel's body being more or less liquified after the Leviathan were done with it. It seemed like having the supposed evidence that Castiel was very much gone in both body and "soul" that drove the point home for Dean that his friend was dead. But again, this is Supernatural. I'm going to guess that Castiel will return at some point, somehow.

As a side question: was Jimmy still Castiel's vessel all this time? I'd like to think no because it's kind of terrifying to think a human soul was trapped in there somewhere.

In unrelated news: the new season of Merlin starts today!