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12 September 2011 @ 07:13 pm
Yes, But Why?  
While I worked on the next installment of Human Nature (readings?what school readings?), a friend of mine commandeered my DVD player and watched X-Men: First Class. Toward the end of the film I drifted over and watched the last few minutes. It was in watching it again that I realized the most important question that I hadn't asked before.

Exactly WHY is Magneto wearing a cape at the end? I mean, NOTHING about Erik Lehnsherr's personality suggested he cared at all about how he dressed or that he bothered with artifice. The helmet I get but why the cape? Did someone suggest to him that now as head of the Brotherhood he should get himself a cape to look all the more imposing? Because that really backfired as the cape just robs him of the little dignity that ridiculous helmet left him. Granted, it's not as ridiculous as the headgear featured in Thor but still. The cape does not help.
Astoundingly fond of avocados and rainy weather.: SPN_HurricaneSkyguardian_chaos on September 13th, 2011 04:29 am (UTC)
To continue on with my crazy psycho-analytic flavor of interpretation...

Ohh! I'm all ears. :D

...I think Magneto is a well-developed split off part of Erik, who has shut away that part of himself that can feel sadness, vulnerability and pain.

Y'know, this is such an interesting topic to me. For Magneto, there's this and there's also that whole issue about how some victims can grow up to be victimizers as a result of their experiences, and Magneto...well. He adds much to the thinky-parts of those ideas. As Magneto, he not only represents himself as Magneto, but also, yes, as a man (Erik) who he may never fully be again. And that's sad. With the breaking of his friendship with Charles, so much else broke away, too.

I'm scared and thrilled to see what he's like in the next film. I want to know if there's anything gentle still inside that metal helmet, or if it's all washed away for self-preservation's sake.

Charles was so the therapist who tried to get Erik to integrate all parts of himself until he was one man who could be strong and powerful, but also feel pain without letting it consume him. Sadly, that didn't really work.

Yes! Yes! Perfect description. Charles is definitely a therapist-type figure. I'd like to know that there are more than just a few people like Charles in the real world. Erm, I mean in terms of the sympathetic, "urging people in compassionate ways to be the best they can be way" if not the psychic way. Though I suppose the psychic thing isn't so problematic for someone who has that personality. *blinks* ...yes.