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formerly lifeinsomniac
18 February 2018 @ 05:15 pm
The 18th Marvel film has been labeled a "gamechanger" by many a critic due to its rather bold representation of racial, national politics and a notable predominant black cast. And I'm sure I'm not the only one to say this when I note that really the standout, most affecting character is the film's antagonist, Erik "Killmonger" Stevens.

I don't have time to give a super lenghty review of the movie as a whole (it's really good, though. See it! So much fun action, humor, and heart) but I did want to take a moment to discuss Killmonger's two scenes that stood out as the most memorable (to me at least).

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formerly lifeinsomniac
02 January 2018 @ 09:54 pm
Doing a quick stop by to wish everyone a happy 2018!! May it be full of good cheer and awesome fandoms.
formerly lifeinsomniac
25 September 2017 @ 07:52 pm
Well, I THOUGHT my first real entry back to LJ was going to be a review of The Defenders. But I recently saw the latest adaptation of Stephen King's It and was hit by a surprising amount of feelings about it. Mild spoilers below the cut.

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formerly lifeinsomniac
03 September 2017 @ 06:34 pm
*waves hello*

I realize an entire year and some has gone by since I last posted to LJ. So much has happened since then! I had fully intended to remain active on LJ but then I got hit with a year of such busy-ness that I was barely able to sleep and eat properly. When I did have time, I spent most of it watching media (and there was a LOT of media...). But in the end all the work was worth it because 1) I finally graduated properly from my Ph.D program and 2) got licensed in my field so I can practice independently and 3) got an actual paying job so I can earn actual money. Still, I"ve missed interacting on LJ terribly.

In a nice full circle way, my last entry was about leaving NY for the time being and now my first entry back is about me moving back to NY as that's where said job will be. While I doubt I'll be any less busy, here's hoping I'll get to watch and post more about stuff I've been watching.

Be back soon!
formerly lifeinsomniac
20 July 2016 @ 10:48 am
We are two episodes away from the conclusion of season 1 of AMC's Preacher and luckily they got renewed for a season 2.

I'd reviewed this show after watching the pilot but now that we're rounding the last lap for season 1, I feel like I should do an updated review since my opinion of this show changed quite a bit.

My brief updated review is that this show got a lot better and held the audience up to a viewing standard that I haven't really experienced since Hannibal to a certain degree.

My longer, spoilery review for episodes 1 - 8Collapse )

All in all, this show has managed to catapault itself from something I was tentatively watching to something I'm looking forward to every Sunday. Here's hoping they finish season 1 strong!
formerly lifeinsomniac
01 July 2016 @ 10:50 am
One thing I've been trying to do before I exit NY is to catch some plays. This one was recommended to me by a friend who knows my love of psychology, science, and angst.

Incognito by Nick Payne (playwright of Constellations) threads three major story lines together about how the human brain and its mysteries both limit us but also connect us in ways we cannot ever predict. The play consists of four actors who play roughly 20 roles between them with each story told in fragments, layered on top of one another, so you skip from story to story with actors changing out of character in what feels like 10 minute chunks. The results are a mixed bag but it doesn't detract from some of the powerful ideas Payne has about what makes us who we are and how we are with others.

The production I saw starred Charlie Cox (yes, Daredevil!), Heather Lind, Morgan Spector, and Geneva Carr.

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formerly lifeinsomniac
21 June 2016 @ 03:51 pm
Well actually it's that Toby Jones will be guest-starring on an episode of Sherlock for next season.

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formerly lifeinsomniac
30 May 2016 @ 09:20 pm
After seeing this, I'd like to believe that James Corden's daemon would be a binturong. Not because he looks like he'd bite things aggressively but because he looks awesome with one sitting on his shoulder. Emotionally, he'd clearly want a penguin daemon. Plus, Tom Hiddleston plays with a baby leopard.

formerly lifeinsomniac

I'm now a little sad that I have to wait until August for the next installment. I'm even more sad to learn that this series will only be a quartet because it's a great series.

Below the cut is a non-spoilery review for a book filled with mystery, dinosaurs, platonic partnerships, romantic relationships, and a pretty well-drawn female narrator.
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formerly lifeinsomniac
26 May 2016 @ 11:45 am
The New York Times published a really good article about the state of Asian American actors in Hollywood and the persistent cases of whitewashing.

There's a lot to say about how Asians are still a somewhat targeted group for jokes in a way that other races are not. I also firmly believe that some of the negative reactions people are having to Asian Americans taking on a more proactive, vocal stance about this issues are heavily tied into the fact that as a group, Asians are seen as the passive, docile, and quiet. There is direct research that looks at how when groups behave in ways against a stereotype, they are seen as a problem rather than the situation.

Related to the casting of Tilda Swinton in Doctor Strange, I thought the best argument someone made about this being a major problem even if we are going to accept that they have turned the character White (which alone is a problem), is that she is still dressed and styled as a Tibetan monk. If she truly is supposed to be a Celtic mystic as stressed by the studios than why a) did they not also move the location to not Asia and b) why is she dressed like the way she's dressed? This to me hits exactly at the problem of cultures being exoticised and appropriated in media.

Anyway, that's my soapbox entry for today!